Sunday, November 16, 2008

trouble shoot away

as part of getting pcb backlog out of the way an integral part is to try fix bugs in modules that are already built and either not working at all (like my steiner vcf) or ones with wierd bugs (like my digital noise and wave multiplier.. oh and my klee sequencer)

my steiner vcf was driving me insane, for some reason it was not working. i had been tinkering with it for the last few years with no luck so made a decision to quit! However i still wanted a steiner vcf in my modualar as it is state variable... very handy... and a killer sounding vcf (like a cross between a 303 and a moog).... so i decided to see if i could ghetto up another one, ie make it from bits lying around on whatever veroboard i could find. it ended up being a really small bit of vero too. hehe

i managed to fit everything on and even have some cable connectors. i still have to get some female connectors so i can't check it. im kinda stressing that ive not cut some strips and i know if it doesnt work, may as well chuck it. there is no chance im going to be able to trouble shoot this thing. check it out



so the suspense builds till i can get some femail .100 connectors, fingers crossed. in all honesty i give it about a 33.3% chance to work. :)

i have also been working out how to extend the range of my cgs digial noise. the internal clock inside it is a 4046 vco (similar to the vco in the wogglebug). it is not cranking down low enough for my taste. ken stone recommended that i change the cap. i did this and it just lowered it. SO.. gotta learn some cmos vco skills to find out how to extend the range on this vco. i think it will be usfull to learn this as the wogglebug design i have differs from professional wiard wogglebugs by the extended range, therefore it is possible and if i learn to do it i can really fire up the power of my wogglebug too. :)

thats all i did today,. but while i was taking some photos i took some of my studio :)

with room lights on:

and with main lights off, focussed lights on (how i usually roll when i am working on gear and making music)

hopefully by next post, my xoxbox IO kit will be here and i can finish my xoxbox finally. The cmos chips for my klee will have arrived, the futurlec order will be close to being shipped and th steiner vcf will have worked :)

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