Saturday, April 17, 2010

neural agoniser

finally wiring this baby up
check it
this is about the only module i have without mods or extra circuitry
but i did include input attenuators for every cv input

so many modules so little power

still waiting on futurlec order for all my mains power distro so at the moment i have this big electronic shrine, sorta 2001 esq :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dual phase distortion vclfo (tom wiltshire edruid / haxster)

For a long time i have wanted to build the electric druid vclfo ( but i didnt really have the knowledge to implement it exactly how i wanted it. Luckily haxster came along with a pcb on electro-music.

This module is a digitial lfo with various features, first one being voltage control, second being phase distortion (ala casio CZ), third being lots of waveforms selectable by CV and more.

There are a couple of pcbs for this module now but no one has really made all the good parts accessable so i have had to really mod the hell out of the haxster board to get it to near where i want it.

The haxster version had the edruide vclfo core with external VC but nothing else. He included 2 extra lfos which is handy. I have added VC for phase distortion, waveform select and S/H rate. Haxster for some weird reason has 4 buffered outputs from the vclfo so i hacked the pcb so that instead of buffers the opamps actually run as led drivers for the analog lfos. So far i have drilled lots of holes in the pcb, have wires running everywhere and it is only going to get more crazy as i get closer to completion

I seem to be stuck on some stupid problems in the analog lfo, the vclfo works. I havent tested my mods yet as i want to fix these silly analog lfos first. Getting close.

Monday, April 5, 2010

upcoming gig

Friday, April 2, 2010


i am working on another module
this is a combination of the bunchla source of uncertainty and ian fritz's chaquo
i have used 3 of the 4 SOU pcbs, i skipped the sample & hold / integrator pcb

this module has the following functions:

quantised random voltages
stored random voltages
fluctuating random voltages / stepped output
noise source (original digital MM5837 ver and analog tranistor version selectable on panel)
quadrature sine osc
double well chaos generator

i have populated the SOU boards, just waiting for the rare MM5837 chip to arrive
and i should get my Chaquo pcb in the next few weeks

it is going to be a challenge to get all these pcbs mounted behind the 2U panel :)