Saturday, March 20, 2010

distros done

made enough for 2 cases
that should do for now
next thing to do is get my mains distro going
however i need to order parts from futurlec for that so it is going to take a month or so :/

in the meantime i guess ill go back to working on my mb808
got a couple of bugs in the drum voices to nut out but almost done!
808 beats already rolling out of this machine, so much fun

Thursday, March 18, 2010

distro pcb

just a maybe

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

case oiling

so im loving this stage of building my modular
i thought doing electronics was kinda fun at the beginning but im so over it. doing all the woodwork was amazing and i feel to much more satisfaction completing things like this. perhaps it is just because building electronics in modular world your fruits are so staggered, until pow, you have a big modular synth. well im only getting to that phase now after 2 years or so. hehe, im totally having a cry about it.

anyway... the blackbutt wood sanded down amazing. damian did an awesome job. i have used this deks olje oil to finish the wood. all along i was trying to avoid dark stains, red stains and yellow stains (as we do). my synth will be silver, black, white and green so i didnt think red or yellow stain wood cases would work. the cool thing about the wood i chose and this oil is that it will allow the wood to naturally darken and this wood will darken in a dark chocolate - black colour. i really like the natural dark wood better than stained dark wood. the trick is i just need to give the wood some sunlight. not that this is going to happen in my current studio :/

i got told that the trick to applying oils is the first wash needs to be left for a long time to allow it to sink into the wood. basically the deeper you let it get the better the finish. if you try to apply 2 coats straight away it wont seep in as much.

here is my new outdoor workshop,
a shadow of the work shop in the warehouse but it does the job.

check the grain.
each panel is made up of 2 floor boards
somehow i made it work pretty well

this wood is amazing

yeah so once my modular is done i think ill do more wood work
or maybe ill actually spend time with my friends if they will still remember me

CV it with a vactrol

here is the layout i made to use in my wave multiplier
i posted a pdf on muff in this thread if you want to etch it

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

case back from being sanded

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

teezers / seq switches

mouser order came in with the parts needed to complete this panels
this is a triple ian fritz through zero vco
i still need to make some brackets to mount the pcb plate to the panel
2 of 3 pcbs are stuffed and ready for testing

here is my panel for a combination module called "data switch"
it includes a cgs sequential switch and a fonik sequential switch
they work opposite, cgs has a many to one relationshop and foniks is one to many
so they are named accordingly

ive been working on my mb808 of late and it is driving me nuts so i might try get these done soon. Hopefully i can get my case this week, my modules are looking uncomfortable without the case