Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jurgen Haible FS1

it has been a while between posts - travelling the world and having fun back in a house in my home town and the studio is back together working on some new toys currently hoping to complete the jurgen haible (rip) FS1 frequency shifter here is my design


Here are my dome filter picks

I have added to jurgen's speadsheet to measure the time constant different between ideal and measured. My resuts were ok - not as good as I would really like but I cant be bother ordering more components.

I found that there is a lot of play when choosing values - it helps to have a lot of resistor values on hand to match together. I would recommend buying capcitors that are not 1% and make sure you get a few of them. The capacitor value add magnitude to your final result so in cases where you have a good resistor match but the capacitor value is large it can bump up the final error. Having a bunch of capacitors at slighly different value gives you more options of resistor combos.

edit 2:

I managed to get it to fit well into a case. Time to wire :)