Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new tune - chautauqua

still a bit of a draft but check it out

291 fix

i had some orientation errors in my old 291 board
ive fixed them now and ive also divided the pcb down to a single filter
i did this as the pcb was just too large to fit behind a panel
and now you can make it a dual, triple or quad by stacking the pcbs

here it is

Friday, December 19, 2008


i keep finding myself seeing 808 everywhere, i wake up and walk past clocks at 808 each morning on the dot, i notice 808 on the clock by chance every evening and i currently have 808 emails in my gmail... check this out if you dont believe me it is all for real

so someone up there, or down there, or somewhere is telling me to build my 808
why deny them the satisfaction

here is where i'm up to

Thursday, December 11, 2008

more layouts

just some more design tweaks, getting toward full capability now and maximum space utilisation

some more things are going to change now that im getting close to the end
i may as well pack as much function to this lot

my source of uncertainty (formally wogglebug panel) is going to be modified heavily as more amazing random buchla modules come up as projects. currently it has a mfos quantisers, 2 208 randoms, two wogglebugs and a ring mod for child tones, but i think ill drop a 208, condese the e wogglebugs and add another transfer my digi noise into it.

this means i have to change that modula module above.. hmm wonder what i can put in that :)

im also going to try add a pitch - cv into my IO module, im not sure where this will come from but i hear word of a project coming up.

anyway, here is the updated look with these current module designs
the case is also being designed at the moment and looks like it will come up trumps

Friday, December 5, 2008

yet more panel re-designs

well while all the components for my builds are held up in the thailand seige i may aswell work on some of the designs that have been irking me for some time. of my whole modular i think there is about 4 or 5 modules that im really not 100% on the design.

they include :
cgs wave mult
quad lfo . digi noise
neural agonizer

so here is my current re-designs for lpg, fs-1, neural ag and the design for the 291

more to come, maybe even some more re-edits on these hehe

buchla 291 adapatation

i have modified mark verbos' pcb design for the 291 band pass filter. it now includes a summing mixer, a cv processor and some buffers which allow you to tap out the high pass out and low pass outputs. this now means you can add a whole bunch more spice to this killer filter.

here is my design
if you want the pdf feel free to pm me @ electro-music.com my handle is luka

here is the messy schem of the mods

you can find the 291 schems @

the mods were infuenced by scott stites

and from ken stone's cgs04/cgs48

this hasnt been built yet
so let me know if you have any issues if you try
it should be ok since the filter core has been used many times
some values in the mods might need to be tweaked to your system's specs

Monday, December 1, 2008

tube vca pcb design

i just did a redesign for the 5672 pentode vca circuit that was originally posted by j.barrs on that dutch synth forum and electro-music.com. i added some summing lines and a final gain stage. there is also a pwm type effect that brings some unique tonal qualities to the signal as the vca opens and closes. there are lots of trim pots in the design which can all be brough to the panel if the builder feels necessary. they include: input attenuation (which attenuates the final sum of all the inputs), pw (changes the power feeding the tube which brings the nice pwm effect), final boost. there is also a switch to starve the heater and bring about some different tones.

the starve mod and pwm mod were made my crashlander and freqeuncy central. eric metasonix also helped me work out how to get a nice linear responce (-0.4v dc offset). so all i did was really add the summing stage, final gain and design the layout. here it is

the pdf version can be downloaded in this thread