Friday, December 5, 2008

buchla 291 adapatation

i have modified mark verbos' pcb design for the 291 band pass filter. it now includes a summing mixer, a cv processor and some buffers which allow you to tap out the high pass out and low pass outputs. this now means you can add a whole bunch more spice to this killer filter.

here is my design
if you want the pdf feel free to pm me @ my handle is luka

here is the messy schem of the mods

you can find the 291 schems @

the mods were infuenced by scott stites

and from ken stone's cgs04/cgs48

this hasnt been built yet
so let me know if you have any issues if you try
it should be ok since the filter core has been used many times
some values in the mods might need to be tweaked to your system's specs

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