Thursday, December 11, 2008

more layouts

just some more design tweaks, getting toward full capability now and maximum space utilisation

some more things are going to change now that im getting close to the end
i may as well pack as much function to this lot

my source of uncertainty (formally wogglebug panel) is going to be modified heavily as more amazing random buchla modules come up as projects. currently it has a mfos quantisers, 2 208 randoms, two wogglebugs and a ring mod for child tones, but i think ill drop a 208, condese the e wogglebugs and add another transfer my digi noise into it.

this means i have to change that modula module above.. hmm wonder what i can put in that :)

im also going to try add a pitch - cv into my IO module, im not sure where this will come from but i hear word of a project coming up.

anyway, here is the updated look with these current module designs
the case is also being designed at the moment and looks like it will come up trumps

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