Thursday, October 22, 2009

trip out

progress thus far

progress thus far

(back row)
mankato w. led mods
-still got sync mod to work out
-no rush though

-need to fix some bugs in the noise and S&H, ie all the sn chip functions :(
-need some on-on-on switches, hopefully they will solve the issues

dual buchla 291 bp vactrol filter with hp/lp mods and parallel mode mod
-finished but might swap some vactrols in one as it sounds a bit flat

quad buchla 281 vc-ar enevelope function generator
-working :)

(front row)
ken stone wave multiplier w/ grinder vactrol mods and active ring modem (dual real ring mod)
-wave mult works, vactrol mod works on breadboard but not hooked up to grinder yet
-active modem needs parts
-pcbs to be mounted and wired

ken stone analog computer (pulse divider, asr, XOR XNOR, comperator, random pulse from digi noise)
-pcbs filled, needs wiring and mounting
-need black bananas

klee sequencer w/ A-B mod & mfos quantiser
-klee stuff and semi-working while mounted on test panel, needed new cmos chip but fine i think
-quantiser stuffed
-lots of wiring
-need black bananas

quad low pass gates, with AB, CD, ABCD mix outs
-need to wire it up

Once i have wired these up i will move to my vco/lfo bank which includes JH Living Vcos (3 solid vcos with linear detune), 3 x teezer Thru zero maddness module and a dual Tom Wiltshire vc-lfo board built by haxter with the additional 4 basic lfos. Looking forward to actually making noise. hehe. Oh well, i sold my cgs vcos to buy a delay pedal hehe totally my own fault.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dual tom wiltshire / haxster vc-lfo panel

here is the draft

had 6 lfos on the 4U panel

i think it is a bit busy
i might swap the sync depth rotart and the wave form select pot so the shapes graphics have some more space. clutter!

it is probably hard to work out what is going on
the small black circles are for switches
the next size up are LEDs
and the largest (in the middle rows) are bananas

Friday, October 2, 2009

modular progress

just to show that some things are happening and im not all talk

klee re-panel

new vcos

dah da dah da dah dah dahhhhhh