Monday, June 14, 2010

frac + cv processor

have been a bit busy of late but managed to get some things done in my spare time
i have almost finished the 2nd side of my PD-vclfo, so much wiring in that thing

I also made the panel for my 2 fonik attenuverters and a buffered mult which i will make on veroboard. i am going to mod the attenuverters so they have a 5v injection instead of 7.5. i think i might use a 5v regulator to do that. im going to use some of my lt1013s inside foniks pcbs as they are meant to be closer to rail-rail.

i also made a temporary rack for my growing number of frac modules
i almost bought more today. this module buisness is addictive :/ old news i guess

Friday, June 11, 2010

for sale

evolver desktop aus$550
allenheath zed420 $1250

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the sandwidge (cgs / buchla analog computer)

here is the latest build.. well actually i finished 2 of my 3 thru-zero vcos as well

this is probably the most dense i have had to stack pcbs so i'm taking a photo

this is my version of the bridechamber cgs analog computer, i just added a random gate source based on the buchla music easle (208 module). the cgs stuff includes a bunch of logic (and,or,xor,nxor), comparators, inverters, analog shift register and pulse divider.

my etch of the 208 was slightly too small so unfortunately i'll have to do it again. due to it being sandwidged under the analog shift register i needed to replace it before i started to wire up the asr. the logic and pulse dividers are all wired and working

happy days

Sunday, June 6, 2010

up for trade


SSM2220 (5)
LM358 (5)
5532 (5)

fonik attenuverter pcb (1)

white davis 1900 clone knobs (10)
10turn 10k pot