Sunday, February 28, 2010

matson mini 2040 filter

living vco pretty much done now
sounds great, can't wait for my case to arrive... sigh

started on my matson mini triple filter

mounting the little pre-made filter cards was interesting since i havent got my shipment of aluminium sorted yet. i gave up trying to debug my super controller so i used the 2mm mounting plate out of it. somehow it kinda worked :)

i need to get some connectors for it so i can wire it up
the problem with premade stuff is you have to work to their conventions

i also made the panel for my triple teezer through-zero vco which you can see in the background
i need to get more 10 turn pots before i can fully populate the panel. have to stop buying records and make a shipment to mouser before they stop shipping stuff to australia for cheap

Sunday, February 21, 2010

living vco

just moved house and am finally getting back to this synth
it has been expensive procuring all the tools needed to do this
living in the warehouse really had its benefits

i just borrowed a drill press and got my living vco panel done
my case should be sanded and oiled this week so the next task is to etch my distro boards and mount the power supplies