Tuesday, November 23, 2010

upcoming gig + new case

I have my first gig using my modular. Super exciting. I just bought a portable case so i can take my modular out on the town. Check it out. It needs some modification so i can close it while still having my modules patched. It seems a bit flimsy when nothing is in it. I hope it feels a bit better when full.

I rearranged my studio to add it into the workflow

The cool thing about getting this case is 1. it fits my huge reverb tanks so i can finally finish my neural agoniser module. I hadnt worked too hard on finished that one as i couldnt think of a good way to mount the tanks in my other case. The second cool thing is i now have another 20U of space to fill :)

I haven't done any building in the last couple of months as all spare time was put into running a big rave. I have a few things i want to finish before this gig so i might try get motivated again. Weather is getting warn so it is harder and harder to think about doing electronics.

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