Monday, May 10, 2010

futurlec can go suck a something

2 months and waiting...

in the meantime my PD vc-lfo is working a treat, im building up the 2nd one now
it has taken a lot of attention and time to work out the quirks in this module (even without the mods) the builder of the pcb really did a slap-dash job of putting it together. if i were to build the module again i would probably not use his pcb and build it on perf board


both analog lfos working and property scaled to 10v/pp
(as the square wave natively runs from rail to rail ie, ~29v/pp)

and my mods work cool too
vc-waveform selection working great
vc-sample'n'hold working great (and is so fuckin cool)
vc-phase distortion also working great

phase distortion is a funny synthesis tool, it is like an envelope is shaping the lfo waveform
if you imagine you are holding a water balloon and you squish it in your hands. the distorted wonky shape is kinda like what you get when you apply phase distortion to the lfo wave shape

interesting to watch on the scope

hopefully building the 2nd will be easier