Monday, November 23, 2009

case building

so i bought this awesome wood awhile ago
it is from this reconditioned, refound and recycled wood place in melbourne called urban salvage
i found a whole bunch of blackbutt flooring and grabbed all the nice bits

so over the last few weeks i have been cutting and glueing the boards so they dont have tongue and grooves showing and so they are deep enough for my case. it has been fun. i learnt how to use a band saw and how to join wood.

here is a picture of the joined blackbutt planks, it is beautiful looking wood imo. i wanted to avoid getting red or yellow coloured wood as i wanted the case to be a greyish tan or a dark chocolate brown. since my panels are clean alu with black features i thought red /yellow shades wont compliment whereas dark or greyish wood will excentuate the panneling. the cool thing about blackbutt is it will naturally turn a dark blackish brown when exposed to the sun.

so this weekend i mitred all the boards and cut them to size

i used a box strap thingy and tested how all the mitres went and im happy to say it all went really well. i was stressing so hard about screwing up the mitres.