Wednesday, March 17, 2010

case oiling

so im loving this stage of building my modular
i thought doing electronics was kinda fun at the beginning but im so over it. doing all the woodwork was amazing and i feel to much more satisfaction completing things like this. perhaps it is just because building electronics in modular world your fruits are so staggered, until pow, you have a big modular synth. well im only getting to that phase now after 2 years or so. hehe, im totally having a cry about it.

anyway... the blackbutt wood sanded down amazing. damian did an awesome job. i have used this deks olje oil to finish the wood. all along i was trying to avoid dark stains, red stains and yellow stains (as we do). my synth will be silver, black, white and green so i didnt think red or yellow stain wood cases would work. the cool thing about the wood i chose and this oil is that it will allow the wood to naturally darken and this wood will darken in a dark chocolate - black colour. i really like the natural dark wood better than stained dark wood. the trick is i just need to give the wood some sunlight. not that this is going to happen in my current studio :/

i got told that the trick to applying oils is the first wash needs to be left for a long time to allow it to sink into the wood. basically the deeper you let it get the better the finish. if you try to apply 2 coats straight away it wont seep in as much.

here is my new outdoor workshop,
a shadow of the work shop in the warehouse but it does the job.

check the grain.
each panel is made up of 2 floor boards
somehow i made it work pretty well

this wood is amazing

yeah so once my modular is done i think ill do more wood work
or maybe ill actually spend time with my friends if they will still remember me

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