Monday, November 24, 2008


dropped the tellun doomsday machine and the tau phaser (as ill make myself a little wood box for it) and i have added another dual vca-1, a dual vcs and freq-shifter. funny that i can fit 5 modules in the place of 2. i think this is a lot more versatile and fits my design contstaints of fitting as much in as possible. the freq shifter design is a bit wonky but is reasonably spacious, i even had room to fit large knobs.

i am still to redesign my klee panel, i think that the current size of the wheel is too tight. i might make the ring a bit more oblique as i have lots of space either side. perhaps ill do this tonight

and here is build status
green = ready to panel or pretty much finished
orange = needs some tweaks, mods or to fix some bugs
purple = next to build

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