Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ready, set ,,.. go!

woo freedom
so now its time to start building

got my QFG pcbs almost finished
just need some TL064s or LF444s
i might try TL074s

just transferred the VCA-1 pcbs
going to try etch this this arvo with some 2nd hand ferric chloride
hopefully this week i can get a new batch of this grimey crap so make the etching process go a bit faster. would love to find out some methods to filter out the copper gunk so it works a bit better
hopefully someone can tell me some good way to do that soon

AND banana plugs are IN
400, 200 white, 200 blue
i might try find some purple ones too

so next step is to order some 3mm alu and get all my face plates cut to size
then get some alu etching mordont ingredients and off we go

Copper sulfate

1 Kilogram

NaCl (sodium chloride -- table salt)

1 Kilogram

NaHSO4 (sodium bisulfate as SaniFlush)

25 grams

H2O (water -- depending on strength of bath)

10-20 Liter

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