Saturday, November 22, 2008

compact clone phaser design

just noodling around in photoshop to get this little machine designed
it is 4U x 3U and probably a bit over 1U in height as i think the lamps are pretty tall.

i was going to go a bit nuts with this box and give it a real industrial/metal flavour, i had even started stipping stripping some metal structures down, however i decided that going with classic modular moogesq designs is good for effects like phasers. you really want an organic look unless the phaser is really digital sounding.

here is my pleminary design.. still missing some switches and needs some tweaks on graphics
i have some grand plans for the knobs for this one
i just have to work out how i can easily manufacture the case

this is kinda based on the moogerfooger style
i have noticed that it kinda looks like those bose frequency shifters, but this wasnt on purpose

i really cannot wait to use the large amber lamp jewel, its going to look amazing
hopefully the circuit build goes a bit smoother than im going through at the moment.. sigh

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