Sunday, November 23, 2008

to do list

well i fixed the bugs in my arp4072 vcf
and i got the final buttons fitted into my xoxbox
it looks great with the IO back plate
i need to trim the pots, hehe, im so pro, cant believe i forgot to do that before i soldered them in.. whoops, hehe

so.... things to do:

klee (test the board then drop in the replacement cmos chips)
wavemult (work out what is happening, grrr.. and once it is going mod it so it has 6 stages)

finish klee design
finish case design
boxes for schulze phaser & kent's solina chorus

xoxbox IO mod (once pcb gets here)
schulze phaser (once futurlec shipment arrives)
digisound IO (once futurlec shipment arrives)
wogglebug (once futurlec shipment arrives)
dual vca-1 (once futurlec shipment arrives)
qfg (once futurlec shipment arrives)

quad lfo (and try add sync)

call auburn metal and get quote for panels
source my etching sauce
get a bulk load of transfer paper and start etch tests

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