Wednesday, November 19, 2008

almost december! quick update

progress update:

xoxbox IO kit is here (althrough brian forgot the pcb, so that should be here in the next few days)
cd4034s are here from statemachine for my klee
i have etched my digisound I/O and processor pcbs, they came out great (funny story with the processor pcb as the pcb took 1 second to transfer as i accidentatly dropped the pnp onto the hot pcb because i rubbed up against the steaming hot copper, i freaked and quickly picked it up and the ink ripped off the pnp to leave a near perfect transfer. weird. 1 second transfer, must be a world record hehe, i only had 1 or 2 traces to fix for small breaks)

my digital noise module is fixed (well modded for more range)
my steiner vcf is re-built

bug to still work out:
arp-vcf boards are having some problems
wavemult main folder is not working
klee needs to add 4034

to finish building:
xoxbox IO kit
stain the boxes for mini-modulars

then more once my futurlec order comes in

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