Sunday, November 30, 2008

klee design continues

seems like ive been designing this sequencer forever, but its 95% there now

i have had photoshop crash on me about 100 times due to the amount of layers i have in this file
the amount of objects throughout my layers is astronomical as i have multiple layers of different components forms, then the silk screen holes and lines underneath, then multiple versions of silk screen sizes for different pots and renders of previous designs. my non-universal binary version of photoshop hates me hehe, especially since it is running on my intel macbook pro.
so yeah it has crashed so many times, i get so spiteful once it crashes and i loose hours of work.
however hopefully those times are now past

So here is my latest klee v2 design
the good thing about taking so long to get the design happening is that i've come up with some ideas of additions to add to my front panel.
The first is the A?B cv out with a switch to change from A+B to A-B
The second thing is a MFOS quantiser.

I really wanted a Blacet Miniwave / Quantix 8, however i dont have space in my planned modular to fit it in but i since i have so many random generator and complex processors i thought it would be good to add the quantiser as a feature inside the Klee. It can be used independantly from the Klee CV output, but if you want to quantise the Klee CV you can flick the switches next to the CV outs and bus up your voltages. The MFOS quantiser has a summing input too so you have more than one going in, so i could try to pointless things like A+B+(A-B) hehe wouldnt that be nuts! joke, well the main point is you can A+A+B, or B+A+B or A+External CV etc.

so there are some cool new things to explore
i think i'll have the cash to get my panels made early in the new year
so i have some time to finally do the last drafting tweaks
but im really hoping that i dont have to do too much work on this sequencer design
too much already, i get so sucked into this stuff


so in other news my reverb tanks arrived and they are fuckin huge
ill take a photo soon
im also doing a design for a tube vca that im calling the vc-hearing aid as it uses hearing aid tubes. the 5672 tubes are pretty low gain so my design just is amplified a lot. ill be breadboarding the design tonight and once it is finished and tweaked to taste ill do a pcb layout and post it.

not much else is going on, apart from starting to order mb808 parts.
my xoxbox project is stagnating as i dont have a 9Vac wallwort
need some $$ so i can get it rolling again

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