Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Mix

Just threw some tunes together yesterday while drinking a whole lot of beer/ yay beer.
Rolls through some deep territory on the dub techno, detroit and chi flavours.

There are a few questionable parts but i think it flows pretty well and worth sharing.
I seem to always be able to nit pick through my mixes, but am too lazy to re-record anything.
Have you tried sitting there re-playing a set till it is perfect, it sucks. Never even bother is my moto.
Anyways, i like it, hope you will too.

Here is the list

Normon Nodge 3.0 MDR
T++ Space Pong Erosion
Add Noise Handwerk 3 Handwerk
James t Cotton Dont Even Try It (The Beat) Spectral
Redshape Steam Delsin
James T Cotton Got to let you know Spectral
Mike Dunn So Let it be House Clone
Tin Man Falling Acid Keys of Life
Quietpoint Caffeen Awakining Pastamusic
Aril Brikha Way Back (Groove la Chord shuffle mix) Fragile
Hieroglyphic Being Linux Klang
James T Cotton The Boxx Spectral


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