Monday, August 18, 2008

Roland M185 Sequencer Clone

So i just finished wiring the electro-music Klee sequencer the other day. That was a huge project and it still has some bugs. U nfor tunately i seem to have totally wacked out my VCO while trying to tune it otherwise i w ould post s ome samples. So this new sequnecer is extremely exciting. It is a clone from the old Roland System 100M Modular Systems. Check out the video. For each step you seem to be able to set to repeat, set note length as well as switch octaves.


So i got 2 of these babies coming. Unfortunately (sorry doug), this just ate all my money for the midibox808 switches group buy. Hopefully i get paid in the next week so i don't loose the chance for some nice colour switches for my 808. Maybe i'll show his this blog and he will understand and gimme some extra time. Maybe i'll show my lecturors at uni this thread and they will give me extensions on all my assign ements. haha, doubt it.

*note - i edited the top of this post as im going to just have a post to document each of my modules and the build process, so i took the bit about me having a cry about being addicted to SDIY hehe. So here comes the build notes.

So here are the controls
CV Controls 8 X pots.
Gate mode 8 X 4-way switches
Stage count 8 X 8-way switches
Tempo, Portamento, Gate time, Stages
4 X pots [although stages could be an 8-way switch]
Seq mode 1 X 4-way switch
Stage Subdivision
1 X 4-way switch
Voltage Range 1 X 2-way switch
Stop/Start, Reset, Prev, Next
4 X push button switches
CV Out, Gate Out, Clock In, Clock Out, Stage Control CV
5 X jack sockets.

time to get designing.

i think i might keep this in a small format. I plan on buying some oscillators soon like the AFG and the Plan B15 so now i don't have to design everything for my 5U rusty cab.

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