Wednesday, August 20, 2008

plyphon video

Well i guess it was always coming, someone has ripped off the Alex Rutterford Granz Graf style for the new unofficial Auterchre track plyphon from Quaristice. Actually it isn't too bad. You gotta give the creater some credit. Overall i suppose it contuninues with the general themes and critisisms of the Quaristice album. Recycled beats and ideas. Not that i play into those thoughts :)


Actually i managed to get to see the movie Tron in its full entirety for the first time ever the other day. All i could think about was how amazing it was and could not believe it was a disney movie. It really has stood up well over the ages. The clever use of such simple polygons really stylised the data world, i loved it! Anyway enough of me ranting. Time to write some essays.

i guess i should actually post granz graf too. :) Always good to post this gem. It does has to to one of the coolest videos of all time and you will see the similarities in design theme. Even between Tron on Granz Graf. I guess the link between then all more lies within synthesisia.


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