Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 months till my degree is over

I wont be making any more posts over the next 2 months, need to focus on my thesis and some other class projects that seem to have been squashed into the last portion of the year. sigh. I was so organised with everything and had projects rolling from the beginning and yet fate decides that working at the 11th hour to finish everything is the only way to go. Guess it shows that you should never get too far ahead of yourself, as no matter what happens the end will be a stress and you could have partaken in some more entertaining procrastination activities like partying with my friends.

So two months, and by that time ill have all my 808 components and case, and also have the pcbs for 808's partner in crime (mb828, consisting of sds3 boards and TH mps and some other bits :) ) I just need to etch the midibox sequencer boards from the ucapps site.

I finished the xoxbox for my friend rich last week. They really so sound awesome. I think the only real difference between then is the xoxbox controls are a lot easier to tweak than the 303 and therefore you can really feel that it is different. I thought this on my first play, but then once recorded it is pretty much spot on 303cid. Good stuff. I can't wait to build mine. I put my name down for the bcbox IO mods too. hehe

The next modules to be completed are the Buchla clones - LPG and QFG. Then Yusynth VCOs, digisound IO and some processor boards that i am designing which are kinda like the fonik attenunverting but with some tweaks and additions. I am ditching the Rusted steel front plates, i am going sort myself out with an electro-etching kit and make either alluminium ones or brass. I think alluminium. So ill keep ordering this stuff over the next 2 months but strickly no building. hehe.

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