Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I cleaned up my room today. It gave me a good chance to stocktake my components and also roll over the modules in the waiting list. Well to be honest i was conducting the stocktake first and then got bored and decided to clean my room. Haha. I was only doing a stocktake cos i was working on my Wavemult and blew a chip and couldn't find anything.... and so the cycle goes. Haha

So lets document what i have to waiting to Build.
Hopefully if i list it in the public domain, especially in a place where i will look it will remind me not to take on any more projects. I really shouldn't take on any more for the rest of the year. Or almost at all. I think once i build this coming lot it will be enough for a really versatile music machine. I may look towards building some drum machines and such.

So lets have a look what we have waiting.

Currently got 3 Lfos, 3 Arp 4072 vcfs and 3 Tube Vcas on the bench for my modular and also some friends of mine. Also on my bench is my CGS WaveMultiplier which i think needs a new LM324. Also sitting there is my CGS VCO waiting to be tuned and re-panneled. Last is my CGS Synthacon VCF which a new set of transistors, perhaps a whole new PCB. The Bunch of CGS modules i got way back last year really took a beating. I was, and i guess till am, a bit of hack at this game.

Also i forgot to add XOXBOX. This only needs some buttons, as my kit was missing some.


3 YuSynth 4072 VCFs
3 CGS Tube VCAs
1 CGS Steiner VCF

PCBS waiting.

Burnit's Box'o'tricks
XOXBOX2 (building for a friend)

m1. CGS DC MIXER x3 (half stuffed)
m3. FONIK PS3100 Triple Resonator x2
m4. JHailble Compact A Clone Phaser
m5. JHaible 20 Pole Tau Phaser
m6. JHaible Triple Chorus Solina Clone
m7. JHaible Frequency Shifter
m8. THenry QuadFunctionGenerator
m9. THentry Mankato VCF
m10. Banana Analogue VCS
( I might actually try reverse engineer this one and make another, it looks pretty simple)
m11. Buchla 281 QFG Clone x4
m12. Wogglebug
m13. Tellun Doomsday Machine
m14. Tellun NA
m15. Moosapotamus Flanger

So thats the modules im going to build that I have PCBS for already.
It isn't actually as big as i throught. I had mostly wanted this modular to be a effects processing and waveshaping machine. It was basically leaching the idea from my friend Pat who got me into this whole game. However now im thinking ill get some more inter-processing options and work on them first before i hit this backlog. The way i see it, some of these were limited runs so i jumped while i had the chance. I don't mind if im sitting here this time next year and all of them are not in my modular yet. Seems like this is going to be a fun passion that kicks in old years so i'm not in a mega rush to finish.

So my plan of attack is going to be something like this.

1. finsih these arpvcf/tube boxes
2. finalize the way to treat the rusted steel and then cut up a whole bunch of plates ready for circuits
3. finish my rack
4. build my 808
5. build rich's xoxbox
6. etch some Yusynth Vcos, or perhaps the Buchla Vcos that might be popping their heads up
7. build the buchla quad LPG and quad function shaper
8. doomsday / Neural Agonizer
9. box'o'tricks

good to have a plan though.

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