Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mean Sucker VCF/VCA

Well i just found some of these rare 5672 pentodes for the Mean Sucker Tube VCF/ VCA. I'm hoping to adapt the schematic to switch from being a VCF to VCA, just like in the buchla LPG module.

Tubes... gotta love the ripping distortion these bad boys bring to the table
I'll post some pictures of my PNP design and faceplate once i get some time to work on it.


just quickly post my initial panel design and some pics of my 1/2 reasonable etchings. The vcf didnt come out to well, i think the etchant was a little too hot and my pnp really sucked. I took the advice on the net and just left the iron ontop for AGES, next thing i know i have a nice layer of Pnp melting onto the iron bottom. Hope my housemates dont find out. hehe So i had to touch up with some resistive paint to make the etching work. It looks a bit dodge but the contuniuty rolls through the traces ok. I might smooth a couple of the traces to make it look a bit more pro. I like the way Etaoin made this layout, filled the whole board with a ground plain really reduces the etching time. It only took about 3 minutes to etch! Wish it only took 3 minutes to drill and continuity check an build. :)

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