Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some more work

On the synth design front i have finished a few more panels
and i have decided to use banana plugs for all my modulation paths
while im can't really pack the panels any more dense because of this
i feel that since banana plugs have a smaller profile they wont be as inhibiting as 1/4 cables when they are all plugged in and this will provide some reflief when using my designs
also im toying with the idea of using the serge davis clone knobs
im not sure if it is worth it yet
im having troubles finding larger format knobs to match the silver and black knobs i have
the davis clones are pimp and not too expensive and work with other backlite style knobs

so here are a few more designs.
My adapatation of the LPG w/ CV summing amps and LEDS
there is lots of hoohaa for resonance at the moment but im not really worried about resonant filters as i can do that with bulk of filters.

My dual CGS VCO, same as before just with bananas.
im not sure if i should leave my sync input as a jack.. ill have to ask some people about this

I reckon the bananas look shit hot.
I will use black, green, purple and perhaps white.
black and green will be CV in / CV out
purple and white will be triggers and gates
I am also going to get coloured switch covers in the same colours
mostly green purple and black

Im getting excited about my studio again. I have started building my xoxbox and have ordered parts for some other modules and projects. I just wish i had an income. I have to quickly finish some projects for people so i can actually get some finances in to pay for all this stuff. damn money!


I present my thesis on friday, i have the presentation almost done. Still only written about 1/4 of it up, so that is a bit worrying. I have other research assignments on urban sprawl and local contamination in water ways so i think ill have to focus on them for the next few days and try get them otu of the way.

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