Thursday, October 16, 2008

colour!!!!, well 1 colour :)

Well i found a cheap source of banana sockets, 10cents each for blue and white. They are the deep banana jacks too, not the futurelec ones. So blue and white it is. I am also starting to work on my case dimensionality. In this image each row is offset by 10degrees. It will have 2 leg stand and a simple frame that the modules sink into. Im not really up for making a big box.
It will sort of resemembe a big iMac, hehe very big. 28" wide and 27" rack high, the stand will probably be about 1.5 feet from the table with two feet. I will also have 2 little stands at the back for my psus/transformers and reverb tanks. :)

Summer is going to be fun

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