Monday, October 13, 2008

case design

well now i have a few layouts sorted i am trying to work out what size case is best.
originally i was going to go 3U high and 22 U wide but it is getting too unreasonable to move
so i think i will go for 3U high and 16U wide. this means that i will probably have 2 of these cases hehe, i cant believe im going to build a modular this big. i cant believe im already planning on a modular this big, and my current setup is far from functional. funny how these things quickly get out of hand.

these are the modules i plan to fit into my first case. all up in my first 48U case i have:
Klee SEQ (7u)
matrix mixer (3u)
quad low pass gate (3u)
tellun neural agonizer (3u)
dual cgs vco w. waveshape (5u)
cgs utility lfo (2u)
dual wogglebug w/ cgs ring modem (4u)
quad function generator (3u)
cgs wave multipier (2u)
thomas henry mankato vcf / quadrature vco (2u)
midiCV/digisound IO w/ envelope follower (2u)
Jurgen Haible tau phaser (2u)
wiard/blacet miniwave (2u)
yusynth ems vcf (2u)
cgs synthacon vcf + arp 4072 vcf (2u)
dual mfos adsr w/ vactrol vc mod (2u)
and as many vcas that i can fit into the remaining 2u space

the scarey thing is i have so many more projects to build

i am not going to put my modules in a box. i think i have decided just building a self-standing rack that i can just drop them into. i have some sketches, ill try work on them a bit once i get some time and post em.

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