Friday, October 17, 2008

Full case

Added the digisound80 13 and 80-15 (External Input / Envelope Follower & Processor / Lag)
and now it is finished! I think this will be a versatile machine. 2 dedicated VCOs but i can also generate signals from the woggle bug, mankato vcf and from the external input. There is 4 lfos in the doomsday machine. I also have the utility lfo and of course the controls from the wogglebug. I can process all these control signals with the analog computer logic functions and comperators. I also have lots of expanders and filters all with extensive modulation control. I also have the buchla envelopes which should make some nice shapes. Finally for effects i have the phaser and the reverb.

Currently i have about 4 of the modules built and parts of a few done. Ill try get 4 or 5 more done in the next few months but i hope to get all the faceplates built in soon. Happy times indeed.

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