Thursday, October 16, 2008

case update

Some additions and revisions
I removed a few modules that i was going to add as i really need to focus on my backlog modules instead of adding more. So i removed the miniwave and a few others. The only thing now which i will buy to put in this rack is the bridechamber analog computer which is just a couple of CGS logic boards.

Designs Added:
Tellun Doomsday Machine (Mega Modulation Waveshaper w/ lfo outs)
Analog Computer (cgs clock / comperator / logic)
Submini 5672 Tube VCA and VCF
Dual Diode vcfs (yusynth ems and cgs steiner)
tau phaser (really like my design for this one)

Designs Revised:
Tellun Neural Agonizer (re-shaped)
Quad Buchla LPGs (changed total layout, now a lot more even)
Dual CGS VCO (added syncs for waveshape and also change pot orientation)

Still to be added:
Digisound 80-13: In/Out Amp and Envelope Follower
dual MFOS adsrs w/ vactrol vc mod

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