Sunday, September 28, 2008

More panel designs

Under 4weeks to go for Uni.
Stress extreme
Mountain of work to do extreme
health poor, infact doctor told me i either have bacterial tonsilitus or glandular tho im trying to fight it and pretend i'm in health

anyway, before everything go so critical i worked on some more designs, here they are

Utility LFO and Dual Woggle w/ Ringmod additions

these still have my photoshop componetns on top unlike the others.
i'm a little unsure of the woggle design yet. it goes against my functional density ideas. I've never liked the serge style of packing the whole panel full. So i might push it out to 4U and give the knobs some more interface structure.

Next up is my cgs vco, which i am trying to fit into a dual panel. Ive worked on it a little and am starting to think that i'll use the bridechamber waveshaping design as an inspiration. Make the unit 4 or 5 U wide but fit 2 vcos in with a waveshape joining switch matrix like on the Utility LFO and perhaps some nice FM joining mods like on the buchla 259 vco.

Also coming is my dual ps3100 resonator which i have had some interesting throughs of combining into a stereo ps3100 with vc panning that is independant control or switched to one of the resonator cv inputs. I'll go into this a litte more later.

With a short time to go until School is over I am really looking forward to getting my design templates down so i can start building my modular. I am really excited about this new design concept i am heading towards, most modules are dual, designing the interfaces first then implementing the circuits to fit, all into a cool format that is totally unique.

quick addition
dual CGS VCO
still to add the interaction switches like fm and sync and waveshape join

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