Saturday, January 4, 2014

vocoder panel design

Here is my 99% done panel design

The functionality i need to build and verify before I get it fabricated are:

  • aux speech input works
  • v/uv threshold works okay and is worth having on the panel
  • silence bridging AR controls are worth having
  • whether to bring UV and V trigger outs to the panel

All the pots and jacks will be panel mounted. The sliders / led / patch panel will be pcb mounted. Here is the pcb for those components

the case will be an aluminum rectangular box folded from a sheet. i would like to have wooden side panels which mount onto the aluminum sides which are have one angled side. the angled side can be changed in order to either lye the case flat and have it sit on a 10degree incline similar to the ems 5000 vocoder. the wooden sides could also be rotated and allow for the case to stand vertically when desktop space is at a premium or you wish to sit it on top of a synth.

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