Wednesday, January 1, 2014

jh vocoder progress

Finally some time to work on the vocoder has opened. At this point I have finished the panel layout for panel components and I have created a layout to mount the sliders. This slider pcb is being etched for me at the moment. All connectors and final components are in stock.

The path to the finish line looks like this:
  • test pcb
    • psu
    • synth in
    • exc in
    • all other modules
    • one channel
  • complete panel design
    • aesthetics (fonts / linework etc)
    • mount holes for case and pcbs
  • case / faceplate fabrication
  • wire up
Proud to say today I have powered up the board and the psu is functioning. I had a bit of a stumble trying to use a switching psu - I mistakingly bought a single supply instead of a dual. Not sure how I slipped there since I was specifically looking for a dual. Annoying. Luckily I had a 15v torroid in stock so I used the onboard psu. As far as I'm aware I believe I am the first to use this onboard psu. 

Here is the heatsink with the TIP3055 and mica pads

Next up I will test the modules

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