Monday, April 1, 2013

jurgen haible living vocoder

this project is finally coming together

most parts are on their way and i have done a preliminary panel design

having a huge internal debate whether a patch matrix is necessary and i haven't included it in my current design. I have a thought of having it on the back of the case. as you can tell the design is still in flux.

i think i need to borrow a nord modular and test it out

here is the current panel design draft

im reasonably happy with it - i think ill adjust the signal flow space so it is a little tighter. with this panel design i'll need a bit of extra circuitry including 
  • speech input amp - line input
  • speech input amp - led bar graph 
  • excitation input - led bar graph
im also bringing almost every option onto the front panel except the patch matrix.... mmmm

the plan is to make a panel pcb - even if i end up etching one. i think i am coming around to the idea of panel pcbs and no wiring. it will take a lot of effort but hopefully it will make the unit easier to service and live longer. 

so waiting on parts and should begin once they arrive. i will build the unit and test some of the mods before builiding the panel. most likely i will get the front panel fabricated as part of the case. no idea how to get the decals on as it is way too big for my normal lasertran technique.  

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