Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ascension Rig

Here is the rig for my upcoming gig (next saturday)

Top Row = Consists of 3 x Teezer TZ-Vco, Mankato Quadrature LFO, Source of Uncertainty, Wavefolder / Modulo Magic / Plague Bearer
Bottom Row = Living Vco, 2 x VCS, 4 x Low Pass Gates

This is slightly different to my last modular gig. I had a lot more filters last time. The end result was floaty and droning where as this time I am trying to add more dynamics into my sound so we have envelopes and more waveshapers.

The setup is about as "west coast" as it gets. Buchla / Serge. I find it interesting that i have ended up with a setup in this style. I always used to think these rigs just make weird blips and random soundscapes but i have learnt that they are such densely functional designs and can achieve so much - you just have to take the time to learn how to understand them.

This gig was going to showcase a different style of set - integration between modular and machinedrum. I have recently made a lot of music in this style but I found that 30+ minute sets of modular blips and drum beats gets really hard to program without computers since i can only put so many modules in my road case. It is pretty tough to change patterns and patches on the modular and so i decided to go back to drone / noise.

Hopefully we can record the set and I'll post the end result
If you are in melbourne please come down and check it out

Ascension Engine
Loop Bar
2pm onward

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