Monday, January 17, 2011

Preparing for GIG @ Rainbow Serprent

So this is the gig. First ever live gig. Very exciting, kinda nerve racking. It has been a mammoth effort to get my modular ready for the road. I posted pictures of the new case i bought. Since that time i overcome issues with power supplies, racking and getting a few bugs fixed in a few modules. It has taken a lot of time but im happy to say (hopefully this doesnt jinx it) that my modular is ready.

And here it is.

Modules include:
>3 x Ian Fritz Teezer TZ Vco
>Source of Uncertainty (only FRV plugged in due to not having enough distro slots)
>Mankato Quadrature LFO / VCF
>Plague Bearer & 2 x Jurgen Haible Wavefolders (Yusynth pcb)
>Jurgen Haible Living Vco
>3 x MMM VCF
>4 x Low Pass GAtes

I built some stuff into the rack panels
>3 x mixer, 2 x mult (i know i use bananas but i dont have much clearance in the case)
>2 x slew, 4 x lfo, 4 x attenuator
>8 banana to 1/4inch converters

Additional Effects (racked & desktop)
>Lexicon PCM70
>Jurgen Haible Moog Resonator

I am sequencing some sections of my live set using silentway but most will be all modular. And ill be performing visuals using Quartz Composer

I have a few days now to work on some patches and arrangement and polish up what i have prepared for visuals. Here is a quick sample of what i am going to show.

Very exciting times. It also spells the end of my DIY synth building for a while. I plan on spending a year overseas soon so i need to save. I think i have accomplished a lot in the last few years and this gig will be the transition point from where i was being an electronics nerd to a performer. I am really happy that this moment has come.

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