Thursday, April 2, 2009

boxotrix >> harty feast

new box-o-trix layout w/
new project name
new distortion module names
different look
roughly same layout but 1/2 an inch more in height
crazy fonts :)

here is w/ components and then underneath just the silk

i was a little underwhelmed with the look of my last revision of the box-o-trix design. so i gave it an extreme make over. I like it now. I think giving all the distortion/gate/compressors verb titles, even if they are not really all that well associated in effect character, a sense of association and relation. This has been sent to print so just need my final batch of components and she will be almost done! Wish i could say the same for my 808, that project is costing a fortune.

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vinnui said...

OMG!! Gorgeous design!!