Tuesday, January 20, 2009


well i just started at a new job so i can finally think about building my projects again as income is slowly trickling back into my account.

next projects im about to order are

seb francis' box'o'trix (1/2 built as i had most components in stock)
mb808 bd, ac, sn, noise and finish dout/din/main out
low pass gates (4)
th mankato
th vca 1 (2nd one)
buchla 291 bpf (x2)
tau phaser (1/2 build)
krautrock phaser (2/3 built)

im also starting to stock up on the chemicals for the electro etching
and i have a laser printer on the way so i can start simplifing the pcb and panel etching process

and here are some tracks i have been working on

tubby-sans (dub)

gingermiss (deep techno)

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